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Adminer for Rungtawan escort wrote:
It sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. She wanted to go to Italy with her female friend which is fine. When she learned that men she didn't know would be at the villa she expressed concerns. If the friend made it an all or nothing proposition, your GF picked you. see the review
Inglobe for Poroosha escort wrote:
Try believing that she's an honorable person. see the review
Reifert for Ibukunoluwa escort wrote:
Found out 6 months later she hooked up with someone... see the review
Briano for Kornelia escort wrote:
I'm all for a girls vacation with girlfriends, but no way would I be okay with a villa with two guys. see the review
Borealis for Kayr escort wrote:
True. A girl who really loves and respects you would not even entertain the idea of spending a weekend in a villa with two guys. see the review
Jimmie for Inamigisha escort wrote:
I bet the "stick in the mud" husband doesn't know about the guys at all. It speaks volumes to the pregnant friend who thinks it's acceptable and also speaks to your gf thinking that the behavior is ok. Just because she is pregnant doesn't mean she won't cheat. see the review
Kleines for Nellie Mae escort wrote:
If the roles were reversed how would your gf feel about you spending a weekend with a married guy who invited two women who want to have sex along with you? I bet she wouldn't like it one bit. see the review
Bbonner for Pixee escort wrote:
Something seems fishy with this... see the review
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