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Charlie for Marthina escort wrote:
8) I would tell him post graduation because he will not trust you and he'll be thinking your still f'king the guy all winter. The distance prohibits him from being with you, so he will not feel safe it all. His mind will be racing with thoughts every time he tries to reach you can can't. see the review
Antaeus for Thulisa escort wrote:
Well how did it go... see the review
Vivienne for Caterine escort wrote:
Could you elaborate? see the review
Truffes for Gunn Florence escort wrote:
He was in shock, and it was terrible. The engagement was called off and we are not speaking right now. Praying he will forgive me. see the review
Barking for Gari escort wrote:
It has been a while, but I wanted to update everyone that I did tell my boyfriend. It was extremely difficult, but needed to happen. I think I lost him forever. see the review
Retsmah for Oryna escort wrote:
you did what was right to do......even if you lose him.....know that even if you didnt tell you lost him when you cheated....deb see the review
Flautas for Yun Chen escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Silver10 see the review
Priestle for Shanthie escort wrote:
Well, I for one think that you should be proud of yourself. Yes it did not turn out like you hoped, but when what happened happened, the relationship as you knew it for all intents and purposes, was dead. see the review
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