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Seriema for Ewa Lis escort wrote:
Take it from a dude view see the review
Flagg for Ifzal escort wrote:
If you are getting it on enough and he is just a player type. Well then you just chose poorly see the review
Lated for Raaniya escort wrote:
The day before, we were together and banged 4 times. He said that "it blew his mind". So it's not the lack of sex. He was emotionally distant though. Checking his phone a lot, making only small talk, seemed distracted. Women are very intuitive and pick up on those signs. see the review
Hammann for Derong escort wrote:
well you just chose poorly. issh happens. A lot. see the review
Anabel for Arabiyatou escort wrote:
you need to heal from this worst thing you can do is have bad baggage and accuse every new dude that they are cheaters see the review
Fireboat for Norgaard escort wrote:
Don't feel bad. It's the emotional connection that keeps them around. see the review
Diver for Nafya escort wrote:
Originally Posted by barbossa see the review
Samucan for Sahereh escort wrote:
Are you satisfying his sex needs? see the review
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